NE Remsco Uses P10 Barges

Northeast Remsco, Farmingdale, NJ using Poseidon P10 Barges

Passaic County, NJ officials are replacing the West Brook Road Bridge which connects the boroughs of Ringwood and Wanaque, separated by the Wanaque Reservoir. With $28.7 million in federal aid funding, the project is slated for completion in 2017. Construction of the new structure will begin this summer.

The existing bridge, built in 1926, is a 7-span, simply supported concrete T-girder bridge cast monolithically with a reinforced concrete deck. It is being replaced by a 3-span, continuous variable depth steel plate girder structure, approximately 650 ft long, with a reinforced concrete deck.  The bridge profile will be set to provide a minimum of 6 feet of vertical clearance over the 100-year pool elevation.

Poseidon® Barge was involved in the very early stages of the bidding process with Northeast REMSCO.  They had basic ideas on how to set up our barges and use them for different aspects of the project.  “We worked with their estimating department and quoted them several different platforms for the equipment that would go on each platform,” says Carl Piedmont with Poseidon® Barge.  They needed a platform for a 358,000 lbs. Bauer drill rig, a  650,000 lbs. Manitowoc 2250 crane. They also needed a material barge to hold the casing pipe that was 90-ft x 10-ft and weighs 90,000 lbs.

Each job has its challenges and, often, weather is the culprit. “We were scheduled to start delivering the barges the first week of March 2015 but due to an extremely harsh winter on the east coast we were delayed almost 7 weeks,” says Piedmont.  Poseidon® ultimately delivered 45 trucks that included 11 – P10 10-ft tall sectional barges and 38 – P2 7-ft barges all within a 9-day span.