Freight Calculation

For estimation only. Prices must be verified through an actual quotation from Poseidon.

Poseidon Barge, Ltd does not perform any transportation using company owned trucks. Poseidon, or Poseidon’s customers, arrange transportation through insured freight logistics companies that are independently owned. If you are ever to experience a safety issue with a transportation company hauling Poseidon equipment, please try to gather as much information as possible: color of truck, a description of what it was hauling, the location where you experienced issues, date and time. If safe to do so, photographing the truck with the equipment is always helpful. Please do NOT take photographs while you are operating a vehicle! Once you have the information, please call 866-992-2743. We will take the information and address it with the customer or the carrier. Poseidon Barge values safety as our number one priority.