Engineering Department

Our unique background in marine product development coupled with extensive applications engineering experience, allows Poseidon to provide complete flotation solutions for almost any situation.

Engineering Department Capabilities

Barge Configuration Design and 3D-Modeling

  • Static Load Analysis
  • Hydrostatics & Static Stability Analysis
  • Detailed reports with imparted trim and heel angles, resulting drafts, and waterplane properties affecting buoyancy and stability

Barge Propulsion Design

  • Resistance Calculation
  • Required Thrust Determination
  • Single and Dual Poseidon Barge Pusher application recommendations

Applications Engineering

  • Consultation on barge load configuration and placement of equipment
  • Determination of max pick load and radius of lift, for crane operations
  • Ballast weight location as required
  • Specification of special or custom equipment and fabrication design to support Project Requirements
  • Marine Engineering support as needed for the deployment and operations of Poseidon Barge systems

Industry Connections

  • Broad network of professional, marine specialists available to assist with large capacity or otherwise special projects requiring additional resources


State of the art FEA Stress Analysis insures that all equipment is designed for maximum strength and suitability.

Each quote comes with a free stability evaluation report. Basic Stability Analysis are performed on customer concepts to measure trim, list, and draft in static conditions. Poseidon's engineering department uses custom-developed software for stability analysis.


Working with the Poseidon team produces fast and thorough results. The engineering team at Poseidon has been key in assisting our company in laying out decks for specific projects and providing information to show the stability and versality of their equipment. Their cusotmer service is excellent and they always reply very quickly and with accurate quotes. Great experience operationally and commercially. Poseidon to us means getting the work done safely, with quality equipment and great customer satisfaction.

- Paulo Pessoa for McKeil Marine, Ontario


The entire Poseidon team, especially engineering, will serve each customer request with urgency and purpose while keeping safety and success at the forefront.


Non-traditional solutions are the key to the customer's success, and Poseidon Barge plays a proud part in assisting with those ideas.

Conversations between customers and our engineers evolve until a safe, suitable and successful solution can be achieved.


Watching from the sidelines has never been our style. Poseidon Barge, LTD strives to be the leader in all areas of portable sectional barge equipment development. Our P2 7 ft. design was the first portable sectional barge design in the world to be ABS Approved. We are very proud of this as a a mark of our quality, and our way of doing things right each and every time. Poseidon Barge, LTD continues to seek out opportunities and solutions to continue to lead the industry.