Poseidon Barge fabricates, sells and rents the Poseidon Sectional Barges for your Bridge, Marine & Dredge Construction Projects. Our sales and engineering staff can assist you with project planning, set up and execution of your project.


  • Built for strength and & durability with Grade A-36 Steel
  • Interior Coated with Bio-Float Environmentally Friendly Rust Inhibitor
  • Zinc Anodes for Additional Exterior Corrosion Protection
  • Primed and Coated with Baril Marine Grade Coatings for Maximum Corrosion Protection
  • Decks Fabricated from Patented Roll Form Material. Decks are Embossed to Provide a Non-Skid Surface
  • Roll Form Decks Rated for 20,000 lbs/sqft Point Load vs Competition 5,000 lbs/sqft Point Load
  • Haul 2 pcs 40’x10’x5’ on Overwidth Step Deck Truck. Double the Competition!
  • Most new models built using drawings approved by ABS in accordance with their rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels for Service on Rivers and Intercoastal Waterways
  • Poseidon Barge is ISO 9001:2015 Certified (view cert here)

We have have been using your barges with great success. I am glad we went with Poseidon. Your barges are a really well engineered and fabricated.

- A.J. from Georgia

“ …. Here is a company that has employees that take pride in their work. By putting the name POSEIDON on the barge, it’s as if they are signing their own names to it.”

Sam – Northern Canada

“Poseidon’s barge configurations….has helped build our reputation as a marine contractor.”

Aaron – N. Dakota

“Poseidon to us means getting the work done safely, with quality equipment, and great customer satisfaction.”

Paulo Pessoa – McKeil Marine - Ontario

“Poseidon is prompt, competitive, and timely in getting our projects running. We look to Poseidon Barge as our primary barge support supplier.”

Mitch - Minnesota

Poseidon’s versatile line of products, vast geographic coverage, and responsive service/support, means we get the barges and equipment we need, when we need them to keep our projects on schedule.

Brent from Wisconsin

Using the Poseidon Barge system crew gained time on set-up and tear-down. We exceeded our customers’ expectations and project was performed ahead of schedule using this robust barge system.

Ken Grant – Gerace Construction