General Accessories


General Accesories

24” x 74” Barge Ladders

  • Light Weight Aluminum
  • 24” Safety Treads
  • Bolts & washers secure the ladder to the deck of the barge at the rope thimbles.

18” Deck Cleats

  • Installs at any rope thimble on the sides or ends of the barge
  • Cast Steel for strength
  • Attach with a bolt & washer

T-Bolt 18” Round Universal Flush Hatch

  • Standard Equipment on all new barges
  • Steel Cover & Deck Ring
  • Stainless Steel T-Handle

42” Deck Railing

  • Heavy Duty Steel Tube
  • Railing height: 42” height from the barge deck
  • Available in 10’ Sections
  • Brackets install in all three connection systems