Poseidon Sea Bee Pusher; Patent # 8,327,789

The Poseidon Barge Ltd Sea Bee Pusher Unit is a quick, convenient and cost effective method to move your barge deck around the project site.


  • Totally Self Contained
  • Attaches to the top of the barge by welding the yellow feet to the barge
  • Steering controls are easily accessible
  • Steel Frame for strength and easy installation on the barge
  • Uses Chevron Clarity environmentally friendly hydraulic oil
  • 110 HP Cummins Diesel
  • Twin Units are powered by a 225 HP Cummins Diesel Power Engine
  • 24 x 16 Four Blade Magnesium Bronze Propeller Drive System with a Stainless Steel Propshaft
  • Outboard is raised and lowered hydraulically allowing the Nozzle to clear the bottom surface of the barge
  • 135° Steering for maximum maneuverability on the project
  • Four Corner pick points for quick unloading and loading from the truck
  • Gear to Gear Steering for maximum control in the water
  • Variable pump gives you FORWARD & REVERSE!
  • Single Sea Bees produce 1,350 lbs of thrust
  • Twin Units produce 2,500 lbs of thrust when operating together
  • 42 Gallon diesel fuel tank
  • Service available nationwide
  • These units are serviced and sold by Poseidon Barge Ltd.
  • US Patented Design # 8,327,789