Exciting News!

We are proud to announce that Poseidon Barge has partnered with CenterGate Capital, a private equity investment firm. This partnership bolsters Poseidon Barge’s abilities to offer new and exciting products and services to our customers.

Poseidon Barge has grown to be the leader in Sectional Barges and accessories. “since our inception, we have been focused on delivering a superior product through innovation and customer service. We have chosen a partner that understands these keys to our success and is committed to helping us maintain and grow our strong customer experience” noted founder, Donnie Fain.

What does this mean for Poseidon Barge’s customer base? President, Mary Habegger-Fox comments, “ We are excited about our partnership with CenterGate and the continuity and security it provides our employees, customers, and vendors. The partnership with CenterGate provides us with the capital and strategic resources to continue to grow our company and capabilities while maintaining our focus on best-in-class customer service and market-leading innovations.” Mr. Fain, Ms. Habegger-Fox, the current sales, and support teams will remain to be the contacts for customers.

As a result of this partnership, Poseidon will soon be able to offer their customers larger scale winches , wire rope, cable clamps, fairleads and other rigging products as part of their standard catalog.

The official press release from CenterGate Capital is attached.

Talk to your Poseidon Barge representative today with questions by calling 866-992-2743.