McKeil Marine moves massive machine across road made of Poseidon Barges.

  • McKeil Marine used their Poseidon P1 5 ft tall barges to create a temporary road for crossing the Campbellford Generator. A 100’x40’ x 5’ Poseidon Barge deck was created and covered with crane mats. Using McKeil supplied info, Poseidon Barge calculated the angle of trim and list for when the barge received the 6 axle truck carrying the large generator.
  • McKeil used 50 ft ramps for the transition form the land to the barge deck helping to minimize the effect on the trim and list.
Another safe and successful portion of a project that isn’t attempted every day. We appreciate the long term relationship with McKeil and their faith in the Poseidon team to assist in their success. McKeil Marine is a major marine contractor headquartered out of Burlington, ON, CANADA