Mr. Glen Dauphin – We salute you!

Poseidon Barge is a proud recognizable brand nationwide. Companies across the United States praise Poseidon for our innovation, dedication to customer service and our strive for excellence. We love the praise as anyone would but Mr. Glen Dauphin of Newington, CT didn’t have to say a word to make us smile. He simply rolled up his sleeves, something he is no stranger to.

A hard worker from his youth, Glen has been a certified scuba diver since he was 13 years old. He’s a career tugboat captain. Most honorably of all, he is a US Navy veteran. Imagine our surprise when he showed us our logo…tattooed on his arm! He had found our logo in an ad years ago and fell in love with it. Since then he has used and appreciated our barges on many projects.

Glen, we thank you foremost for your service to our country. We are in awe of our nations veterans.  Secondly, we thank you for your dedication to the Poseidon Barge brand to the point that you will carry a piece of us with you forever! We are honored sir! Thank you.