Stay skinny but strong with Poseidon P1NARROWS!

KBE Hoist and Fabrication specializes in building and installing steel boat lifts and repairing boat houses. Recently they were confronted with limited space between boat slips when repairing a customer boat house. KBE contacted Poseidon Barge looking for a solution that could fit within the boat slips while supporting a mini excavator they needed to complete the repairs.

Poseidon was able to offer the P1Narrow model sectional barge. Each section comes in 30ftx7.5ftx4ft or 15ftx7.5ftx4ft. It was determined that a 15’ wide x 37.5’ x 4’ platform would work perfectly for their needs. This platform allowed KBE the access they need to leave their Algonac, MI customer happy and satisfied.